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Brunswick Pest Control is your choice in quality pest control in Old Town, NC. We work diligently to provide you with top-notch exterminating and pest control services that you and your family require to live a bug-free life. We are proud to serve North Carolina residents to create a bug-free environment within our homes.

Old Town, NC Exterminator

Old Town, NC Exterminator

Our Old Town, NC exterminators work to make sure that the only guests that come into your home are ones that are invited! We can take care of bed bugs, cockroaches, carpenter ants, fleas, ticks, spiders, silverfish, termites, and much, much more. Your home, or valued investment, is in good hands with us at Brunswick Pest Control in Old Town, NC.

Bed Bug Treatment – Old Town, NC

Bed Bug Treatment – Old Town, NC

If you have found yourself waking up covered in itchy, red bites you may have a bed bug infestation. Don’t be alarmed, we can take care of your bed bug problem right away. These tiny, little pests are attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans breathe out in large quantities while we sleep, hence the name bed bugs. We offer quality bed bug treatment in Old Town, NC, so don’t hesitate to call our offices for a consultation!

Termite Control in Old Town, North Carolina

Termite Control in Old Town, North Carolina

We use a variety of methods to treat, control and remove termites. Our continued termite control in Old Town, North Carolina is guaranteed for 30 days, no questions asked. We are trained in noticing the signs of an infestation and skilled in removing them to protect your investment. It’s important to eliminate a termite colony as quickly as possible. Put an end to your woes and give us a call today.


"Devin Day came to our house today for a service call and was extremely courteous and thorough while he was here. We were impressed with his professionalism and wanted the company to know they have an excellent employee!"

-Steve Lewis


A part of our mission to exceed your expectations is partnering with associations that are dedicated to excellence, safety, and education for the pest control industry.

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