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Don’t feel trapped in your own home! Any type of pest infestation, whether it’s rats, ants, or cockroaches, Brunswick Pest Control is here to rescue you. We provide pest control in Leland, NC and beyond. Our environmentally friendly practices can get you and your family back to the safe feeling you require when living in your own home.

Leland, NC Exterminator

Leland, NC Exterminator

We have been serving North Carolina since 1998. Our years of experience enable us to provide you or your business with professional pest control services. We offer a 30-day guarantee so you can feel confident in the quality of our services. At Brunswick Pest Control, our Leland, NC exterminators create individualized plans to rid any type of pest from your home, worry-free!

Bed Bug Treatment in Leland, North Carolina

Bed Bug Treatment in Leland, North Carolina

Controlling a bed bug infestation can be difficult. That’s why we’re here to help! The best way to rid your home is to get help from a licensed professional. At Brunswick Pest Control, we always ensure that our customers get the best, highest quality pest control service. Protect your family while keeping them safe and happy in Leland, NC! Bed bugs can be found in mattresses, couches, carpet, and even suitcases. No matter how they got into your home, don’t live in misery from their awful bites. Invest in Brunswick Pest Control’s bed bug treatment in Leland, North Carolina.

Termite Control in Leland, North Carolina

Termite Control in Leland, North Carolina

Whether you’re a homeowner or home buyer, termites are a huge risk. They damage the structure of your home and wreak havoc on our lives. We know how to detect the signs of a termite infestation so that we can promptly create a plan for termite control in Leland, North Carolina to eliminate them once and for all.


"Devin Day came to our house today for a service call and was extremely courteous and thorough while he was here. We were impressed with his professionalism and wanted the company to know they have an excellent employee!"

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A part of our mission to exceed your expectations is partnering with associations that are dedicated to excellence, safety, and education for the pest control industry.

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